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What Countries and Peoples Are the Most Gambling: Top 5 Places in Different Parts of the World

The most gambling cities and regions of the world are the places where all the infrastructure for gambling is in place, such as Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. But we are not talking about them, but about the residents of different countries who are most passionate about betting. The H2 Gambling Capital company has analyzed how much on average for the year citizens of the world spent on gambling, and based on these data compiled their selection. Here are the top 5 most gambling countries and nations.

5. Finland

Finns are gambling people. According to the statistics, they spend an average of $533 a year on placing bets. They play mostly lotteries, as well as sports betting. Finland has a state monopoly on gambling, so all legal gambling institutions there are controlled by the government. However, this does not prevent residents of this country from creating their BetAmo login to gamble legally in platforms registered in other jurisdictions.

4. Canada

The Finns are surpassed by the Canadians, who spend $568 a year on gambling entertainment. The vast majority of the country’s population (about 75%) regularly takes part in lotteries by buying tickets. Many Canadians are also into sports betting, mostly on winter sports. Casinos are also legal here, so online gambling is also popular among thousands of citizens.

3. Ireland


Bronze in the race for the title of the most gambling nation went to the Irish, who spend about $588 a year on gambling. Betting on sports is a favorite pastime in Ireland. Residents bet massively on horse racing, dog racing, soccer, rugby and, more recently, MMA, popularized by Conor McGregor. Both land-based and online casinos can operate legally in Ireland, so slot machines and table games are also common.

2. Singapore

With a large gap in second place goes to Singapore, whose citizens bet about $1,100 a year. After the legalization of casinos, designed to attract tourists, locals also began to play actively. The local gambling industry is very developed and the population’s income is quite high. Thanks to this, Singaporeans can afford to visit casinos, bet on sports and buy lottery tickets, even if they are unlucky with the winnings.

1. Australia

Australia has become the most gambling country in the world. Residents of the southern continent annually leave in gambling establishments on 1288 dollars. More than half of all adults in Australia regularly play the slots. And that’s reasonable, this entertainment is both fun and simple. So even people with no experience can try such games. And there’s no reason to spend a lot on it: stakes here are quite low. Sports betting is also popular, mainly on soccer and cricket matches.

The full list of gambling countries and nations also includes Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, whose residents spend on average about $500. But the residents of the United States and Monaco, according to experts, spend only up to $350.

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