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Betting Guide – Goal Betting

Over / Under (bet on total goals)

Over / Under икеы

The over/under market works in a very simple way. Here, the goal is to guess how many goals will be scored in the game, adding the two teams together. You have two options: “more than” or “less than” an amount set by the bookmaker.

How total goals bet works

Bets start from 0.5 goal. Yes, it may seem a bit crazy, because it is not possible to have half a goal in a football match, right? This type of bet is precisely so that there are only two possibilities: winning or losing.

Choosing a bet on LESS than 0.5 goal in the match, you win if no goal is scored. On the other hand, opting for MORE than 0.5 goal, you win if the match ends with at least 1 or more goals scored.

The most interesting thing about betting on more and less goals is that it doesn’t matter which team scores. So if you have opted for a bet on more than 0.5 goal in the match, your bet will win if the score is opened by either team.

Goal Betting Tips

Goal Betting

It is important that you consider the following four tips in order to find the best games to bet on more and less goals and profit a lot with this kind of bet.

1. Observe the type of competition to bet on more or less goals

It is common for some competitions to have a higher goal tendency. Examples of these are the German, Spanish, English and Dutch leagues. On the other hand, there are also some leagues where the incidence of goals is not so high. One of the best examples is the Argentinean first division, where goals are very scarce in many matches. For you to have an idea, less than 40% of the matches in the Argentine Championship have more than 2.5 goals (that is, 3 or more goals per duel).

Here a competition where many goals are usually scored is in the preliminary phases of the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior. On the other hand, few goals are expected in the classics of football (like Fla-Flu, San-São, Gre-Nal and Dérbi Paulista) when they take place in the Campeonato Brasileiro. Be careful when betting on the Cup, which presents the most unpredictable results.

2. Weak defences against good attacks

One of the recipes for a high-scoring game is to have a strong team with an effective attack on one side of the field and a weak defence on the other. In this type of duel, where there is a lot of technical difference between the teams, it is common to find somewhat low odds in markets like the over 2.5 goals. However, the possibility of winning on this type of bet is consequently much higher. It is worth keeping an eye on these games, which is often a way to earn easy money on betting.

Let’s look at an example of a team that is one that fits perfectly in this strategy: Vitória, in its early season in the first division in the year 2018, scored and conceded goals in all first rounds of the competition. A great team to be chosen for us to bet on more goals, since besides having a fragile defence, it has a very good offensive power.

3. Team stats

Always observe how the teams you are betting on have been performing on the field. If they have consistent defenses and pragmatic style of play, a good option may be to bet on fewer goals in the duel. Some clubs, however strong their attacks are, have the habit of opening the minimum score and then hold the game, so always be aware of this kind of attitude and be aware of the teams. Remember Corinthians, champions of the Brasileirão in 2017? There were many duels with the minimum score of 1-0. Even if the team had the technical quality to score more goals, it was common to see the team hold small results.

4. Climate

Another factor that can have direct influence on the duel is the weather. Games on very hot days, those that take place at 11:00 am, for example, often end up demanding a lot from the athletes and the collective quality decreases. It’s good to keep an eye on that. On the other hand, the conditions of the field under rain also interferes with the results. You’ve probably seen those matches where both teams try to play the ball on the field, but the pitch is muddy and in terrible condition. In these scenarios, it is very likely that few goals will be scored and you, being aware of that, can take advantage of the situation. Or rather, a good profit. And if you’re not sure whether to bet on more or fewer goals before the match starts, you can opt for live betting during the event.

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