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What is Asian handicapping

For many times, when we check the betting options on who wins the match, we find very low odds in favour of a team. In other words, there is a huge favouritism for that team. Instead of making a simple bet in search of a small profit, we can increase our gains with the Asian handicap. This type of bet consists in giving advantage goals to one or other team. To understand better, let’s take a practical example using football games with a match of the Copa America 2020 between Brazil x Venezuela.

Brazil has odds that give a return of R$ 1.22 for R$ 1.00 while the victory of Venezuela pays R$ 13.00 for R$ 1.00. We can see that the Brazilian team is the favorite to win this duel. It is possible to bet on it with great chances of winning the bet, but to receive a small profit. So, instead of opting for a simple bet on the victory of the Brazilian team, we will invest in an Asian handicap. But how to do this?

Let’s say that you go into the game already losing by 1 goal of difference. Of course, this goal is fictitious, but it is as if we were giving this advantage to the Venezuelan team even before the ball rolls. In this case, we will be opting for the Asian handicap -1 in favor of Brazil, and the odds will be more attractive, paying R$1.32 to R$1.00. For my bet to be a winner, Brazil needs to win by two or more goals, since if they only scored one, theoretically the match would be a draw.

In this example of betting on the match between Brazil and Venezuela, you can see that even if the Venezuelan team has a one-goal advantage, Brazil is still the favourite, as a Brazilian victory is very likely. Thus, paying attention to the prognosis, we can opt for a handicap of more goals. Shall we now give Venezuela the lead of 1.5 early goals? But how come? There is no such thing as one and a half goals. Let me explain! This type of bet cancels the possibility of a draw and there is no way we will have our investment returned, since there is no half goal. Therefore, if Brazil wins by only 1 goal difference, we will have a lost bet on the Asian handicap -1.5 and, if it wins by 2 or more goals in the final score, we will have a won bet. Here we already have a much better profit, paying R$1.70 for R$1.00, since the number of goals is higher.

What is the difference between the negative and positive Asian handicap?


There is the NEGATIVE Asian handicap, mentioned above in the example of the Brazil vs. Venezuela match, where we give advantage to one of the teams. But there is also the POSITIVE Asian handicap, where we can give the disadvantage. I will show how it works and then I will explain in which situation to use each one.

It is recommended to bet on the positive Asian handicap when you believe that the favouritism of one of the teams is not that big. Let’s follow with our example of the Copa America 2020 between Brazil x Venezuela. As we have already noticed, the Brazilian national team has its favouritism highlighted for this duel. However, what happens if Venezuela has shown itself to be a strong team in its last performances, with defensive solidity and good football? It might not be worth betting on the negative Asian handicap in favor of the Brazilians and believe they will win comfortably. In the case of this prognosis, we can opt for a positive handicap in favour of the Venezuelans: instead of giving Venezuela an advantage, we can give them a disadvantage.


Asian handicap

To make it easier to understand, let’s go to practice. Opting for an Asian +1 handicap in favour of Venezuela, Brazil cannot win by 2 or more goals difference. We will have our bet won in case of draw or victory of Venezuela. Exactly one more goal for Brazil on the scoreboard returns the bet. Of course, due to the Brazilian favouritism, these odds are paying R$3.30 to R$1.00. In case I believe that Brazil do not win by a goal, I can opt for a positive handicap that gives me a better margin, such as +2, which offers a return of R$1.65 to R$1.00. Thus, for my bet to win, Brazil can win by a goal difference or draw, and I only lose in case of three or more unequal goals in the final score in favour of the Canarinha team.

The same way we have in the negative handicap the possibility of half a goal, we have in the positive one as well. I can choose an Asian handicap +2.5 in favor of Venezuela, with a possible return of R$ 1.42 to R$ 1.00, where I only lose the bet if Brazil wins by 3 or more goals difference. In case of Brazilian victory by one or two goals, draw or victory of Venezuela, my bet is a winner.

Still in doubt about positive and negative Asian handicap? Then to end with any uncertainty, right below we have a table where you will know exactly when you lose and when you win in each situation in this type of bet.

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