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Asian positive and negative handicap table

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What is the European handicap

Although less used in the betting websites, we also have the European handicap. For you to understand the difference in a very simple way, let’s take into account that handicap -1 in favour of Brazil with odds of 1.32 using the example of football matches. If Brazil wins by a single goal, we will have the bet returned in the Asian handicap. On the other hand, in the European handicap the possibility of return does not exist: either you win or you lose. Obviously, the odds are also higher. By logic, a European handicap is identical to the Asian handicap where we have half goal, as the -1.5 in this example. If you bet on the European -1 handicap, Brazil must win by two or more goals difference and any result outside this range will cause the bet to lose. Most bettors prefer the Asian handicap, with the possibility of returning the bet.

Winning margin bets


The margin of victory is a little different to handicaps. Here, you choose the exact margin of goals you believe a particular team will score. Let’s continue using the example of football matches – between Brazil vs Venezuela. From predictions, you can bet that the Seleção Brasileira will win by exactly two goals difference for example, and you will find odds paying more than 350% on your investment. The profit is much higher, but the risk in relation to handicaps is also much higher. In this case, a risk-free bet is infrequent.

In Asian or European handicapping, if you place a bet believing that Brazil will win by at least two goals difference, even if our team wins by 5-0 we will have our bet won. On the margin of victory it does not work like that. We need to get the exact goal difference right.

Still within the margin of victory bet, we can bet on draw with or without goals, which also bring better odds, not attractive, but we are somehow “fixing” the score of the game.

Winning bet

The winning bet is the goal of every bettor. It consists in maintaining your profit in the long term, but for this it is essential that you understand what is win rate. The “win rate” is the percentage of correct bets you need to have in order to have a winning bet and make a profit. Basically, it involves the relationship between odds and the amount of hits: the lower the odds you bet, the higher the amount of hits you will need.

Which is the best bet?

handicap tips

As for the choice of which bet is more interesting, it depends on your profile as a bettor, as there are those who prefer to risk at lower odds with lower returns, as well as people who like to venture into higher odds, seeking profits consequently much higher. If you have doubts about which bet to choose, just follow our free tips from our football experts and maintain good bankroll management to ensure your betting success. Paying attention to forecasts, tips and guides in search of the best odds is always important.

Also, as important as choosing the best bet is to be aware of the best sports betting sites. It is essential that the bettor research and find out which bookmakers best fit your way of betting and offer the best bonuses. The bookmakers’ bonuses are a benefit that encourage you to bet on the sites and are therefore very worthwhile.

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