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Asian Handicap in football betting

It works like this: the underdog team is given an advantage before the game even starts. In a normal football bet, the odds for each result (home, away or draw) are 33%. However, in the Asian Handicap the draw is eliminated, which allows the chances of winning to reach 50%.

You can then choose one of two options: 1) The favourite team overcomes the advantage, or 2) The favourite team fails to reach the goal difference. Developed in Asia, this betting option offers more odds for the punter and is considered less risky.

Half Goal? A quarter goal?

Asian Handicap

In the Asian Handicap, a team can be given a 1, 2 or 3 goal advantage. It is as if it already starts with those goals on the scoreboard. However, they can also be given a 0.5 or 1.5 goal advantage, for example. A half-goal advantage serves to nullify the possibility of a draw, since it is impossible for a team to score half a goal.

You can also find handicaps ending in 0.25 or 0.75. They allow for a “half win”, where you only receive half the profit, and a “half defeat”, where you only lose half the money bet.

These are some of the alternatives that bookmakers can offer:

Asian EV Handicap

This match is considered even, and neither team starts with an advantage. You simply pick which one you think will win. If the result is a draw, you get all your money back.

Asian Handicap 0.25

In this match, it’s like the underdog starts with a quarter goal. The team you bet on must win for you to win the bet in full. If the result is a draw, the following happens: whoever bet on the favorite loses half their money, and whoever bet on the underdog gets half their winnings.

Asian Handicap 0.5

Here, the underdog starts the game with half a goal. Unlike EV (which returns the money in case of a draw) or 0.25 or 0.75 bets (which return part of it), here you either win or you lose. In case of a draw, it is as if the underdog had won. Whoever bet on the favourite loses everything and whoever believed in the underdog receives all the profit.

Asian Handicap 0.75

Similar to the 0.25 handicap, but a little bit more complicated. The favorite must win by 2 goals or more. In case of win by 1 goal, the bet will be considered a “half win” and you will get only half of the win (who bet on the underdog will lose only half of the money invested). If it’s a draw, the underdog wins.

Asian Handicap 1

In this game, the underdog receives a one goal advantage. If you bet on the favorite team, you need them to win by at least 2 goals. If you picked the underdog, you need them to win or draw. If the match ends in a 1-0 score for the favourite, it will be considered a draw, considering the 1 goal advantage for the underdog. In this case your money will be refunded.

Asian Handicap of 1.5 goal

Handicap guide

We are back to the advantage ending in “half a goal”! There is no half win/loss here. The favourite must win by two goals or more. The underdog can lose by as much as one goal.

In other words, advantages ending in.25 benefit those betting on the favourite, while bets ending in.75 benefit those betting on the underdog. Those ending in.5 do not allow half wins or half losses. Those without decimal points return the money in case of a draw (considering the underdog advantage).

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