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Lottery Betting Vs. Internet Betting

Many people believe that the only legal way to play sports is through the federal lottery. This view is very well taken by the government, which generates part of its public revenue through Caixa and its lotteries. However, this could not be further from the truth.

There are numerous legal online bookmakers available for the public, such as Bumbet or Bet365. These sites offer much better betting options than Loteca, for example. Many gamblers do not realize this, and that is why we are here: to let you well informed and able to make a conscious choice.

Loteca, the sports lottery


Launched in 1970 under the name “Sporting Lottery”, it has been offered in lottery houses since that time. In 2002 it was renamed “Loteca”. It is still a success, even after the internet was created and betting websites began to offer more advantageous and innovative options.

In Loteca you receive a form with 14 games that will take place that week, from different championships, and you must get the result right. The chance of getting it right is 1 in 2.391.485. If you pull off this miracle, you will take home a real jackpot. The prize is around R$200,000, but it really depends on how many people participated that week. The amount dedicated to the prize is equal to 39.3% of the collection. The other 60.7% of the bets go to the Federal Government.

There are ways to increase your chances of winning by scoring double or triple results. However, making use of these “aids” increases the amount you will pay on your ticket.

Pros and cons

Internet Betting

The biggest problem with playing Loteca is that it does not allow you to place a single bet, on a single match. You are required to fill out the 14-game table. This can be a monumental disadvantage, especially since the week’s roster includes teams from different states and various tournaments. Some of them you may not even follow, so it makes it hard to make a well-calculated guess. Forcing players to make this kind of “combined bet” decreases the odds of winning and increases the profit in favour of the lottery company.

Furthermore, you cannot choose a match that is not on the list, and the only betting option is on the final winner of the match. There is no option to bet on the exact score or to bet on the total number of goals or who will score, for example. Online bookmakers give you these and many other options, allow you to bet the way you prefer and keep a much smaller percentage of the bet value, on average only 5 or 10% (remember that the “Caixa” keeps 60.7%).

Want to play UFC? Forget the federal lottery, it only offers football and nothing else. It’s shocking, especially considering how successful fighters have been in the UFC and how much the sport has grown in popularity. At the betting sites you can find football leagues from all over the world, as well as NFL, NBA, boxing, tennis, Formula 1, NASCAR, and a multitude of other sports. There are also betting options for e-Sports, such as League of Legends and CS:GO, and for politics and entertainment.

While many betting sites offer bonuses to their new customers, Federal Government sports betting does not. Bonuses are very common at most online sportsbooks and casinos, to build loyalty among their players and keep them happy. Bet365 offers a robust bonus, of up to $200, for customers who sign up and make their first deposit. At Bumbet, this bonus can reach up to R$300.

Is it illegal to bet in an online sportsbook?

It is not illegal. You are prohibited from maintaining an establishment where betting takes place. However, the legislation does not contemplate the bets made through the internet. Still, each site needs to follow the laws of the country where it is based. Always check to see what credentials a bookmaker has.

The choice is yours

Our advice is: avoid the bets offered by the Federal Government. Your chances of winning are higher at a bookmaker, so invest your hard-earned cash there. There are several reputable bookmakers that accept. You can find a list here. Don’t be restricted to the list of 14 games that someone is imposing on you. Explore the different alternatives that are available to you.

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